Sellers Publishing’s “Fifty Things” Series Generates Over $350,000 For Charities

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SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine—Sellers Publishing is happy to announce that as it approaches the ten-year anniversary of publishing its book, Fifty Things To Do When You Turn Fifty, donations paid to cancer-related charities from book proceeds have reached $350,000. The book, and each of the seven other milestone birthday books that follow it, offers essays by celebrities, pundits, humorists, and experts from various walks of life.  Some of the contributors offer advice based on their own experiences of reaching milestone ages.  Others offer advice based on their particular areas of expertise.

Ronnie Sellers, the president and publisher of Sellers Publishing, and editor for the first books in the series, commented, “we are a relatively small publisher, but we’ve been very fortunate to receive written contributions for these books from some of the most respected authors, spiritual leaders, business experts and celebrities in the world.  10,000 people turn fifty every day, so there’s tremendous demand for books that offer guidance about how to make your senior years productive and secure.  The fact that these books are still as relevant now as they were ten years ago speaks to the quality of their content.  Small publishers can still do big things with the help of great content providers.  Of course the most gratifying aspect of this program is that its success has resulted in substantial contributions to the fight against cancer.”

Sellers began donating the royalties generated by the books to non-profit organizations dedicated to curing cancer in 2005. Over the next ten years, Sellers Publishing has made donations to more than 10 cancer related non-profits.

50_Things-3DFifty Things To Do When You Turn Fifty is a hopeful, upbeat, and informative compilation of 50 essays written by world famous artists, pundits and experts on the subject of turning 50. When taken as a whole, the essays comprise a veritable instruction manual on how to make the experience of turning fifty a rewarding one on all levels. The essayists cover such diverse topics as putting the past behind you (Garrison Keillor), making peace with the mirror (Bobbi Brown), bulking up your portfolio’s defenses (Bill Gross), and wearing comfortable clothes (Diane Von Furstenberg). Despite the diversity of topics, tones and perspectives, however, the reader is left with one very positive message by the end of the book: accept and take care of yourself, put your affairs in order and the years that are ahead of you will be the best years of your life.

Sellers Publishing, Inc. was cited by Publishers Weekly for four consecutive years as one of the fastest growing independent publishers. The company is located in South Portland, Maine and can be contacted at 800-625-3386 or by visiting their Web site at

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