Yoga Cats


Size: 6″ x 6″
64 Pages
Sug. Retail:
30+ full-color photographs
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We humans have never been crazier about our pets. Yoga just keeps getting bigger every year. So what happens when you combine cats and yoga? The best of everything and then some! Just seeing a cute kitty doing Warrior III? How can you not smile?  Yoga Cats reminds us of the basic principals of yoga: follow your breath; be present; feel connection to our living world . . . and don’t forget to get in touch with your inner kitty!

About the Author
DAN BORRIS is a professional photographer widely recognized for his portraiture. His images have  appeared in Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, the New York Times, and Smithsonian, among many others. His commercial clients have included Gap, American Express, Sony, and Atlantic Records. His work has been honored by Communication Arts, American Photography, and the Art Directors Club of New York. He lives in Mexico.