Retro Mama 2021 Wall Planner


Calendars available September 2020

Item #: CP-1155
 12″ x 12″
ISBN13: 978-1-4162-1155-3
Price: $14.99

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The Retro Mama calendar/planner offers a humorous look (with a witty contemporary twist) to the days when a woman’s place was in the home. And while it is designed to poke a little fun at the sacred institution of motherhood, it also offers Mom help getting the family and household organized.

• Handy pocket for notes and reminders, with magnetic hanger, and stickers
• Large grid for events and appointments
• Space for the name of each family member

Artwork © 2020 PostMark Press, Inc.
Licensed by PostMark Art Licensing
All rights reserved.

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