ABCs of Trucks, Boats, Trains, and Planes


Size: 6.5″ x 6.5″
 32 Pages
Board Book with rounded corners
Sug. Retail:
15 full-color illustrations
For ages 0 – 5
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by Ronnie Sellers • Illustrated by Andy Rowland

The ABCs of things you drive, ride, sail, and fly. This rhymed alphabet book is designed to have special appeal to children who love airplanes, boats, automobiles, trucks, and construction equipment. Andy Rowland’s brightly colored illustrations are chock-full of whimsical details, and Ronnie Sellers’ rhymed verse adds even more fun to the experience of learning the ABCs.

A is for Airplane flying for miles.
B is for Bulldozer pushing through piles.
C is for Crane. It can lift up big loads.
D is for Dump truck. It’s used to build roads.
E is for Excavator digging up dirt.
F is for Fire truck. Look at it squirt!
G is for Grader. It’s used to clear snow.
H is for Helicopter flying down low.
I is for Icebreaker clearing the lake.
J is for Jet boat. It makes a big wake!
K is for Ketch. That’s a boat with two masts.
L is for Locomotive, long, sleek, and fast.
M is for Monorail over the park.
N is for Night train that runs when it’s dark.
O is for Oceanliner cruising the seas.
P is for Payloader carrying trees.
Q is for Quarry Truck hauling huge blocks.
R is for Railroad car loaded with rocks.
S is for Spacecraft orbiting Earth.
T is for Tugboat tied up at its berth.
U is for Underground train ‘neath the streets.
V is for Van selling ice cream and treats.
W is for Waste truck for trash and old cans.
X is for Xray truck giving free scans.
Y is for Yacht that’s all polished and nice.
Z is for Zamboni clearing off ice.

About the Illustrator
ANDY ROWLAND has always loved drawing; one of his earliest memories is of his dad bringing home reams of scrap paper from the printers for him to use because he went through so much. Since then he has worked freelance, mainly on children’s books, illustrating over one hundred books for clients such as Bloomsbury, Macmillan, Usborne, Hachette, Lerner, Pearson, Franklin Watts, OUP and many others. He has also worked artistically in the voluntary sector as well as mural work, portraiture, printed products and surface pattern design. Andy lives in Greater Manchester, England, with his partner and two children.

About the Author
RONNIE SELLERS has written for magazines, radio, film and television, edited a highly successful series of nonfiction books, including the top-selling Fifty Things To Do When You Turn Fifty, and authored many children’s books. He is also the founder and president of Sellers Publishing, one of the fastest growing independent publishers of the last twenty-five years.

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