The Day Mom Joined the Circus


Size: 8″ x 10.5″
 32 Pages
Sug. Retail:
15 full-color illustrations; For ages 3 – 7

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by Sue Downing

There are times when every household is like a three ring circus!

When Mom decides she needs a break and runs off to join the circus, her family members must do all the chores she normally takes care of for them. Each task the family does is mirrored by Mom as she performs in the circus. By the time she returns home, the family has new appreciation for Mom and all she does to make sure the show goes on each and every day within the household.

About the Author
SUE DOWNING lives and works in a little eco house in Newcastle upon Tyne with her husband and two children. She loves to draw, design and make things. Since leaving Edinburgh College of art in the late 1990’s, she‘s worked in-house, on a freelance basis, as an illustrator, product/licensed character developer, a designer/maker of jewelry, greeting cards and wrapping paper − never a dull moment! She‘s drawn to anything that is quirky, humorous and minimal in design, and hopes that this is reflected in her illustration.

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