Sleeping Beauties


Size: 12″ x 10″
Pages: 128 pages; 70+ color photos
Binding: Hardcover with jacket
ISBN13: 978-1-4162-0577-7
Sug. Retail: $29.95


When NBC’s Meredith Vieira interviewed Tracy Raver on the TODAY Show and broadcast some of the photographs she and her sister Kelley Ryden had taken of newborns, there was an immediate outpouring of enthusiasm and their work received worldwide acclaim via the Internet and other forms of international media. Now, for the first time in book form, their unique portraits of newborns are presented in Sleeping Beauties: Newborns in Dreamland, a lavish gift book featuring more than 70 unforgettable photographs.

About the Authors
Sisters Tracy Raver and Kelley Ryden are professional photographers who have helped to launch a new genre of studio photography: newborn baby portraiture.Forgoing elaborate props or artificial contrivances, their minimalist approach allows the emphasis to be on the newborns, resulting in a Zen-like simplicity that offers a glimpse of the grace and innocence that we all possess when we first enter the world.

Watch Tracy Raver and Kelley Ryden on the TODAY Show.

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