Pope Francis 2020 Daily Calendar


Calendars available August 2019

Item #: CB-0879
 6″ x 5″
ISBN13: 978-1-4162-0879-9
Price: $14.99

Each of our boxed daily calendars are filled with over 300 pages of great photographs, illustrations, games or tips, and is attached to an easel that can either sit on a desktop or hang from the wall. With the return of our best-sellers from last year and the addition of great new ones, this collection of daily boxed calendars offers something for everyone!



Daily Inspirations for 2020

Pope Francis is a pope for the everyman, woman, and child, administering love, faith, acceptance, and mercy to all sectors of society. With a message from Pope Francis each day, this calendar from Sellers Publishing will lift your spirits and inspire you to be a force for positive change in the world.

Cover photo © 2019 Getty Images
All rights reserved.

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