MARS 2022 Wall Calendar


Calendars available September 2021

Item #: CA-1288
 12″ x 12″
ISBN13: 978-1-5319-1288-8
Price: $14.99


Mars is the fourth planet from our Sun. It is a planet of deserts, ice caps, high mountains, volcanoes, and deep craters. Visible in the sky by the naked eye, humankind is captivated by Mars and the mysteries it holds. Numerous expeditions to reach Mars have been made by many countries, and it continues to fascinate scientists and curious minds alike. Featured in MARS are breathtaking images of the Red Planet, and some of the spacecraft and rovers used to explore its enigmatic landscapes and alien charm.

Cover image © 2021 EVGENII PUZANOV/Alamy Stock Photo
All rights reserved.

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