For the Love of Boats


Size: 8″ x 8″
96 Pages
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True boat lovers will find something to appreciate in almost any vessel that floats. For the Love of Boats contains a wonderfully diverse collection of boat illustrations by artist Peter Scott that’s sure to warm the heart (and pique the interest) of every boater who peruses it.

Boats propelled with paddles, boats meant to be rowed, sailboats, motorboats, antique boats, work boats, pleasure boats, this book includes them all, along with brief descriptions of their unique characteristics and inspirational quotes that convey the emotional rewards of boating.

The perfect gift for those who love spending time on the water!

Illustrator PETER SCOTT uses traditional techniques of watercolor, ink, and gouache to create his award winning illustrations. More than forty of his solo books have been published worldwide. As Peter is descended from a long line of master mariners and shipwrights, it is not surprising that boats are a favorite subject to paint. His studio is in an old sea captain’s house overlooking the river.

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