A Dude’s Guide to Babies


Size: 5.5″ x 8.5″
Pages: 208 pages; 250+ B&W photos
Binding: Paperback
ISBN13: 978-1-4162-0889-1
Sug. Retail: $15.95
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Welcome to A Dude’s Guide: The New Dad’s Playbook, a fun and practical user’s manual for every dude who’s sweating all the small and big stuff about bringing up his little dude or dudette. Authors Richard Jones and Barry Robert Ozer say, “A Dude’s Guide to Babies is the book we wish we had we’d had when we first became dads.” In this guide, they share straight talk, helpful advice, and personal experiences to ease a new dad’s stress over cleaning, feeding, and playing with his newborn, as well as keeping his baby safe, happy, and not in need of too much therapy down the road. Packed with enjoyable top 10 lists and pop quizzes for new pops, A Dude’s Guide to Babies shows dudes how to see the funny side of fatherhood and to strengthen their Dad fu (think kung fu, only with more diapers and fewer mystical quests). This is a must-have book that tells what to really expect after all those months of expecting . . . and how to thrive (not just survive) as a new dad. With this playbook, dudes will have all the x’s and o’s they need to go from rookie dad to all-star!

About the Authors
As an award-winning reporter and PR specialist, Richard Jones began the Dude’s Guide weblog (www.adudesguide. com) with Barry Ozer in 2006. He has written numerous short stories and an award-winning YA story. Jones lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with his wife and three sons.

A financial adviser who was an award-winning salesperson with IBM, Barry Ozer has a mind for finance and an entrepreneurial spirit. Barry and his wife adopted two boys and two girls, going from double income no kids, to parents four times over in six months. They currently reside in Charlotte, North Carolina.