Connect The Erotic Dots


Size: 9″ x 9″
Pages: 96 pages;
Binding: Paperback
ISBN13: 978-1-4162-4604-6
Sug. Retail: $12.95
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Interior Erotic Dots 9 x 9.indd

Connect the Erotic Dots offers 90+ detailed connect-the-dots puzzles that will add fun and frivolity to any couple’s love life. These are definitely not the connect-the-dots puzzles of your parent’s generation! Do the puzzles with a special someone, or solve them on your own. Either way they will reveal new and imaginative ways to enhance and invigorate your sex life!

Who can unlock the mystery of the origins of erotic dots, or as I affectionately refer to them, “the Kama Sutra of puzzle games”? As a doctor of sexology who has trained at the université de sensualité in Paris, I have devoted my life to studying the genesis of adults-only connect-the-dots. Research reveals that traces of erotic dots have been discovered in the caves of Lascaux, the rocks of Stonehenge, and the rubble of Pompeii. It is my educated theory that this game was used by our ancient ancestors as an early form of wooing. One member of a couple would chisel dots on a stone tablet or write them on parchment as a way to indicate his or her passion, and the other would make the appropriate . . . connections! Various relics containing erotic dots have been unearthed and the shrewd eye can discern the suggestive (one might almost say, acrobatic!) positions they illustrate. Of course, today erotic dots can serve many functions, but in my decided opinion — whether for a night of courting or for solo entertainment — the result is still the same: a rousing good time! I heartily recommend this comprehensive edition of the hottest dots in history!
Yours truly,
Donald Juan

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