Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire 2024 Wall Calendar


Calendars available September 2023

Item #: CA-3645
 12″ x 12″
ISBN13: 978-1-5319-3645-7
Price: $15.99
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Interview with the Vampire, Anne Rice’s gothic novel, has been sumptuously reinvented by AMC. Premiering in fall 2022, the series follows Louis de Pointe du Lac, Lestat de Lioncourt, and Claudia’s epic story of love, blood, and immortality. Images taken from the new AMC series capture the feel of New Orleans and the glamour and exquisite elegance of the Immortals. This is a true feast for the eyes, able to captivate both the millions of longtime Rice fans as well as the next generation thirsty for a new interpretation of her gothic horror and vampires.

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